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At CATS Academy we encourage you to be ambitious and motivated, and to aim for entry to the most prestigious universities in the U.S.

We offer specially tailored programs to enhance your college readiness by developing communication, teamwork, leadership, and decision-making skills.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses

Advanced Placement (AP) programs are special forms of honors classes where the curriculum is more challenging and lessons more aggressively paced than standard courses. Universities take AP results into consideration in the admissions process, as they provide additional college credits.

Scholars Program

Each month you will have the opportunity to attend lectures, conferences, workshops, and performances given by highly acclaimed experts in the fields of science, history, politics and the arts to enhance your college application.

“The best thing about CATS is the international community. I love learning new things every day just by sitting at a cafeteria table. It is like travelling around the world without even leaving the school.”
Jimena Garcia Mexican. 11th Grade

CATS Innovation

Electives in CATS Innovation provide you with hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, social justice, innovation, and environmental responsibility. Through CI, you can explore interdisciplinary areas of interest which give insights into potential areas of study in college.

To graduate you will need to take either the Professional Communications or Financial Management courses.

CATS Innovation Electives

Innovative electives - you can take any CI electives throughout your academic journey at CATS Academy Boston. These electives are designed to inspire creative thought, push the boundaries of accepted theory, and engage you in progressive fields of study.

CATS Innovation Cocurricular Clubs

Experiential cocurricular clubs - Complementing the CI electives, real-world cocurricular clubs will be goal-oriented and practice-based. You will also meet with regional experts, visit businesses related to the club’s focus, and attend relevant lectures, workshops, and conferences.