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Over 1,000,000

international students studied at U.S. colleges & universities in 2015/16.

Over 4,000 universities

The U.S. has one of the greatest numbers of world-class institutions of quality learning in the world

Improving your English

English is widely regarded as the language of business. Perfect your English language skills to give you an advantage for university or college and in your future career.


Gain a prestigious, globally recognized qualification that will accelerate your career progression and earning potential.


Take advantage of the flexible U.S. education system. Discover and realize your true potential with many areas of specialty study from which to choose.

Real American culture

The U.S. high school system will immerse you in true American culture: cheer on your school football team, act or sing in the school drama club, or join one of many clubs to discover and nurture your interests and skills.


of international students report US universities as their primary source of scholarship funding for 2014-15 (Open Doors)

The top 3

universities in the world are located in the U.S. Two of which are in Boston. (World ranking, QS)


Studying in the U.S. will give you an international education experience. This gives you a great start to achieve your future career ambitions.

Travel opportunities

Experience the real U.S.: a dynamic multicultural society with regional cultures rich in history, cosmopolitan cities, and beautiful national parks.

Student support

The high school education system gives you the personal attention and academic support you need in order to succeed and thrive while studying in the U.S.


The U.S. is a truly diverse society. Build your confidence, perfect your communication skills, and gain valuable intercultural experience.

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