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Why choose a UK education?

A world-class UK education gives you inspiration to develop your skills, freedom to be creative, and support to achieve your best.

Over 500,000

international students from 200 countries

study at UK schools, colleges
and universities in the UK.

Four of the
top 8

universities in the world

are located in the UK. (World Rankings, QS)

Join the UK’s international community – the UK is a truly multicultural society, with a mix of people from different backgrounds sharing their cultures.

Great Britain has a long and interesting heritage – discover its amazing history , intriguing culture, bustling cities and beautiful countryside.

107 Nobel Prize winners

produced by UK universities and research institutions

2nd in the world

for the quality of its scientific and research institutions*.

*(World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2014–15)

Prepare for the career of your dreams as UK qualifications are a great boost to your CV, and to your earnings – employers are increasingly looking for multilingual graduates with multicultural experience.

English is widely regarded as the language of business. Perfect your English language skills to give you an advantage for university and your future career.