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Your UK education journey

We offer a range of programmes to suit your individual study needs and put you on the pathway to university success

Yr 10/11 (age 14 & 15)

General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)

GCSE is a two-year study plan and is the first important qualification needed to support your university aspirations.

You’ll study a range of subjects that will give you a broad knowledge base and let you discover which subjects you have a true passion for.

The one-year Pre-programme is designed to prepare you to study A level, International Baccalaureate or University Foundation.

Find out more about GCSEs at CATS here

Yr 12/13 (age 16+)

A level

A world-recognised qualification, A levels are the classic route to university in the UK. Designed for confident students who aspire to the most competitive degree courses – you’ll study three subjects in depth depending on your university and career aspirations, typically over two years.

Find out more about A levels at CATS here


InternationalBaccalaureate (IB)

A two-year programme designed for motivated, capable students who are interested in a broad range of subjects. The IB is the fastest-growing, most respected qualification in the world, and a passport to the best universities. It is a qualification which challenges, encourages and inspires internationally minded students to become caring, critical thinkers, ready for university study and a global career. IB is a great option for you if you have a broad range of talents and interests and want to keep your university and career options open.

Find out more about IB at CATS here

Yr 13 (age 17+)

University Foundation Programme (UFP)

Designed for motivated international students looking for a supported and focused bridge programme from international high school to UK university entry. Choose a one-year or fast-track six-month programme. The UFP is good if you have already completed 12 years of education and want to study at a UK university.

Find out more about UFP at CATS here