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Speakers regularly visit the campus, giving talks about their specialist subject, hosting debates, performing mock interviews and advising on admissions.

Speaker: Topic/s:

Dr Stephen Jivraj

University College London, Institute of Epidemiology & Health

'Population health'

Sam Alston

Imperial College London, Admissions Officer

'Academic rigour and expectations'

Ferdi Bulmer

St George’s London, Senior Admissions Officer

'Medicine interview process'

Doris Bechstein

University of Bath, Admissions

'Expectations and entry requirements for Law/Engineering'

Katie Sharpe

University of Surrey, International Officer

'Writing a personal statement'

Peter Tatchell

Human rights campaigner

'British values – human rights?'

Emma Cole

HIV education and awareness campaigner

'Living positively'

Shaun Attwood

Author, speaker and activist

'Life lessons – from millionaire to death row and back'

Recently, students have attended sessions led by a number of universities, including: Cambridge, Newcastle, St George’s London, New York, University College London, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, Surrey and Westminster.

Speaker: Topic/s:

Dr Simon Thurley

The British Library

'Saving the Twentieth Century'

Professor Paul Cartledge

University of Cambridge

'Ten Things You Really Should Know About Ancient Greek Democracy'

Joseph Silk

Johns Hopkins University

'The Expanding Universe'

Chris Budd

University of Bath

'What have Mathematicians done for us?'

Chris Whitty

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

'The prevention of Cancer'

Alan Ward

Former judge of the Court of Appeal

'To Die or not to Die'

Martin Schulz

President of the European Parliament

'EU and Brexit'

Jeremy Corbyn


'Rebuilding the Politics of Hope'