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International food 

All meals are served on campus for catered students, cooked by our team of onsite chefs. As we look after students from all over the world, we know the importance of enjoying a taste of home as well as trying food from different cultures. Popular meals include – breaded fish, chicken curry, roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, and stirfried noodles.

All fully catered students can take breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Dining Hall at the following times:



07.30 - 08.40


11.30 - 13.00


12.00 - 14.00




16.30 - 19.00


16.30 - 17.30

Coffee shop 

There is also a coffee shop which serves snacks throughout the day and into the evening. 


We offer a weekly laundry service with a local laundry company and you will need to pay for this service. Alternatively, washing and drying machines are available for you to use.

Wireless access

All of our residences have internet available either via cable connection in your room, or in most cases, via wireless. 

CATS library

The school library is available onsite and has a growing collection of books, magazines, DVDs, careers and university information which you can borrow. There are also study tables, work stations and a digital library with personal computers and a colour photocopier/printer.

Religious worship 

CATS London is a non-denominational organisation. We respect your right to practise your religion and are happy to give you details of the closest church, mosque, synagogue, temple or alternative place of religious worship. We can also try to put you in touch with a member of your faith who lives locally.


Students living in our main campus residence should be back by 21.30 Sunday to Thursday, unless you are taking part in an activity, to give you time for Prep (supervised study). On weekends you will be back in your residence at either 22.30 or 23.30, depending on your age. Your evening can then be spent doing your homework and private study in your room, or socialising with your friends.

Getting around London 

We encourage you to explore the varied entertainment and educational scene that London offers. The campus is very well connected, making it easy for you to find your way around, with both Holborn and Russell Square Underground stations nearby, as well as numerous bus stops.

Leaving the campus

If you wish to leave the campus overnight or leave the city you can apply for an exeat – this will allow you to explore other amazing parts of the UK such as nearby Cambridge, or visit university open days.