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Our students achieved record-breaking results in 2016. At CATS London you can feel confident that you will receive outstanding teaching and have the best chance of achieving the grades needed for university.

Information on our academic performance last year, including exam results, is available upon request from

A level results

CATS London 2016 students achieved:

A*– A 49%

(national average 26%)

A*– B 62%

(national average 53%)

A*– C 87%

(national average 78%)

Student destinations

21% placed at Russell Group universities (Russell Group is made up of 24 research-intensive, world-class universities)

14% placed at Times top 20-ranking universities including: St Andrews, Durham, University College London, Warwick, London School of Economics and Political Science, Exeter and Lancaster

UFP Results


of CATS London 2016 UFP students progressed to the UK’s top 50 universities


CATS London  UFP students progressed to some of the top-ranked universities such as Durham University, University of Exeter, Lancaster University and University of Surrey

Pre-programme results

A* – A 22%

above average

compared to 21% national average

A* – B 56%

above average

compared to 42% national average

A* – C 83%

above average

compared to 67% national average


Previous examination results

Historical examination results are also available for parents upon request to