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We provide extensive development opportunities to expand your skills and prepare you for a successful future.

Rewarding student success

CATS London provides regular acknowledgement of your success, including monthly assemblies that highlight and reward students’ academic and extracurricular excellence in front of their peers. This encourages you to feel a real sense of achievement in your work and gives you a push to perform.

I have been privileged to be elected student leader and have developed my communication, organisation and leadership skills, as well as improving my public speaking and patience.
Camille Collins, British

Enrichment Programme

We want to help you develop into confident, independent young adults and understand how to stay safe, happy, healthy and informed. Our Enrichment Programme provides opportunities for all-round development with a range of activities to help you embrace change, prepare for exciting career opportunities and live a fulfilled life.

Student Committee

The Student Committee is a dynamic body made up of elected student representatives of many nationalities, all with key roles to play – including organising social events, debates, outings and publishing the student magazine. The Committee is a way for your voice to be heard, for you to learn to lead and take responsibility.

Personal Development

An education at CATS is not just about studying, but also about dealing with the pressures around you and understanding cultures which may be very different from your own. Each term a number of Personal Tutor time sessions will be devoted to wider development topics such as ethics and citizenship, and there will be opportunities to discuss a range of issues.

Recent visiting speakers and topics for CATS London student development

  • The law in Britain – the police
  • Living with HIV
  • British values – human rights
  • Online safety
  • Law and Government
  • Wellbeing and safety
  • Tolerance and respect