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CATS London is proud to offer you the highly popular and engaging subjects of Business, Financial Trading and Economics.

Business, Financial Trading and Economics are an important part of our curriculum. These courses are suited to students who wish to learn more about the dynamic nature of the business and economic environment. The courses attract a diverse range of students as they prepare for their future university studies.

The course allows you to extend your knowledge outside of the classroom, such as taking part in: CATS London/CATS Boston student exchange, trips to European cities, university workshops, guest speaker sessions, national competitions, trips to lectures, attending revision seminars, and enterprising activities.

The BAE aims to develop:

  • Knowledge of the purposes and advancement of businesses and global economies
  • A balanced, objective and critical thinking mind-set and solution-based thinking
  • Your English ability through key terminology and focus on extended writing skills
  • Understanding of the factors that affect business and government decisions and strategies
  • Key skills: communication, numeracy, presentation, analysis, interpretation, application and evaluation of business data
  • Practical learning through extracurricular opportunities