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Severine Collins, Principal

Severine has over 25 years’ experience in independent education, both in the UK and abroad. She holds a Master’s Degree in ICT education and eLearning from King’s College London. She joined CATS Colleges in 2014 and became Principal of CATS Canterbury in December 2019, before that Severine was Vice Principal of CATS College Canterbury.

Severine is a passionate believer in the transformative power of education to develop leadership, courage, respect and integrity in students as well as academic prowess. She believes that it is vitally important to raise young people to become strong, confident and independent young adults, successfully equipped to face the growing challenges of university and society upon leaving school.

Emma Wilkinson, Vice Principal

Emma has over 15 years experience in UK and international education. She has served as an academic senior leader for the past 8 years, joining CATS Canterbury in 2015. Emma is an experienced History and Government and Politics teacher and examiner delivering across a wide range of curriculums including A Level, International Baccalaureate and iGCSE. A passionate advocate for excellence in teaching and learning, she believes in the academic potential of every student and the power of education to create rich oppportunities for young people to live fulfilled and flourishing lives.

Dr Nicola Robinson, Assistant Principal Academic

Nicola was a research biochemist in a leading pharmaceutical company before transitioning into teaching around ten years ago. Being interested in a research-based approach to teaching, she has always been keen to provide students with opportunities to learn beyond the curriculum and be inspired by contextual learning. She was also a student at an international boarding school herself (Atlantic College, United World College of the Atlantic) and hence loves working with students at CATS Canterbury, as she is able to maintain the philosophy of international understanding through education, firmly believing that educating students to become critical, resilient thinkers is the ultimate investment.

Chris Leeman, Head of Boarding

Mr Leeman was originally a teacher and head of modern foreign languages at secondary school level. It soon became apparent to him that he had a passion for the pastoral element of education which led him to pursue masters level studies in special educational needs and become a qualified Sendco.

He has worked as a senior leader at every level of UK school education from early years to secondary ages. CATS Canterbury is the third boarding school Mr Leeman has served and he continues to enjoy the challenges of working with international students and seeing them flourish under the care of the boarding team. His philosophy of education is that students should be offered a complete education, not only an academic one. All students should be allowed to develop their own personal talents and realise their full potential in a caring and safe environment. Educators and pastoral teams must prepare students for the complexities and challenges of a rapidly changing world and ensure that they leave the school with positive self-esteem.

Alison King, Registrar

Alison joined CATS Canterbury in 2016 as the Student Services Manager and has recently been appointed Registrar. Her duties include organising visits for new students, making all prearrival arrangements, including visa applications, and acting as our key ambassador with agents. Alison has worked in the education sector for nearly 25 years and managed customer service departments within colleges for over 10 of these. She therefore understands that maintaining excellent customer service is vital to ensure the satisfaction of our students and parents.


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