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International food

All meals are served on campus for catered students, cooked by our team of onsite chefs. As we look after students from all over the world, we know the importance of enjoying a taste of home as well as trying food from different cultures. Recent meals include – lamb tagine, stir-fried noodles, risotto and vegetable stew. Halal, vegetarian and vegan food is available every day.

All students living in residence take breakfast, lunch and evening meals in the canteen at the following times:



07.30 – 08.35


11.30 – 14.00


11.30 – 13.00


17.00 – 18.30


17.00 – 18.00

Drinks and snacks are available from the CATS Canterbury Café and local shops. There are also small kitchen areas to make snacks for yourselves in residences during the evenings and weekends.


We encourage our students to live independently, preparing you well for life at university. Personal laundry is your responsibility. Washers and dryers are available in the residences and your House Parent will help you use them.

House Meetings

House Meetings are held regularly in your Boarding House. This allows you to have your say in how the house is managed and what activities you would like.

Healthy living tokens

If you do lots of sports, walking or cycling you will be entitled to healthy living tokens – by collecting these tokens you will get house points for your residence and prizes will be awarded to the student with the most tokens.

Wireless access

All of our residences have internet available via wireless router. We restrict wireless access after 00.00 for students aged 17 and under, and from 02.00 for over 18s to help you get a good night’s sleep and be ready to learn again.

Religious worship

CATS Canterbury is a non-denominational organisation. We respect your right to practise your religion and a quiet room is available for prayer and reflection at the school. We can help you attend places of worship and can try to put you in touch with a member of your faith who lives locally.

Getting around Canterbury

We encourage you to walk or cycle from your accommodation as this is only a short distance away. There is also a local bus service to the school, which will also give you unlimited travel around Canterbury – Student Services are able to buy a ticket online or you can go to the local bus station and purchase one there.

Leaving the campus

If you wish to leave the campus overnight or leave Canterbury city you can apply for an exeat – this will allow you to explore other amazing parts of the UK such as nearby London, or visit university open days.