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Forward-thinking English provision

We choose between Cambridge English and IELTS based on the individual language needs of every student, allowing us to offer appropriate English teaching to you no matter what your English level.

Highly qualified team of English teachers

Our teachers are at the forefront of English teaching and have been invited to speak at international language conferences, as well as completing pioneering English teaching research and training alongside the University of Cambridge – meaning that you can learn from the best.

Tailored English programmes

We ensure that the English programmes we teach are the most beneficial to you – teaching you about the right things at an appropriate level, while continuing to stretch your knowledge. We realise the importance of you studying with students your own age, in a structured programme, so that you can concentrate on achieving your best.

Teaching excellence

English teaching is included in your tuition fees. Your language level will be tested when you arrive so that we can assess your individual needs. You will receive an average of five hours of English tuition per week, so you can feel confident that you will receive all the support you need to perfect the language.

High-level English qualification

We offer our students the opportunity to complete the Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) qualification. This is a lifelong qualification which proves that you are a highly competent speaker of English, and is above the requirements of UK universities – allowing you to excel in your university application and impress employers on your CV.

English is taught throughout the school

At CATS, English language development is embraced across the whole school – English is taught in dedicated English classes and supported in subject classes and extra-curricular activities. Our teachers also use methodologies that help you develop English in all your classes, not just your English classes.

English Development Pathway (ED)

If you are aged 16 and under or do not meet the IELTS requirements of the GCSE programme (IELTS 4.0), you can study with CATS Cambridge on the English Development Pathway.

On this pathway you will study English for 25 hours per week, with 15 of those hours being focused on preparing you to study your chosen subjects in the following year. After completing this programme you will be ready to progress to GCSE/Preprogramme and then to A level or UFP.

ED follows a similar structure to the Preprogramme and we ensure that you are well integrated with other GCSE students.

The pathway includes:

  • Maths (5 hours per week) mixed with other GCSE students
  • General and examination-focused English (10 hours per week), some classes with other GCSE students
  • English for Business (5 hours per week)
  • Personal Tutor time (1½ hours per week), in a group mixed with other GCSE students
  • English for Science (5 hours per week) preparing you to be able to study Preprogramme Science
  • English for Humanities (History/ Geography, 5 hours per week)
  • Physical Education (2 hours per week) mixed with other GCSE students.