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With over 4,000 accredited institutions in the United States, in an increasingly competitive and complex college admission landscape, college counselors present students and parents with accurate information about a wide range of colleges and universities.

College Counseling

Our College Counselors help you gain admission to colleges and universities that best fit your interests, academic record, and aspirations. We have years of experience in guiding international students to apply for the right courses at a top university or college.

Unlimited support

You will receive up to 5 hours college counseling per week and an individualized college counselling plan to assist you through the process.

Personal advisors

Our Personal Advisors have extensive experience of university admissions and know what will make an application stand out. The Personal Advisor will dedicate time to getting to know you and your interests to ensure that the personal statement is the best reflection of each student.

College visits

Personalized visits from over 100 universities and colleges to meet with you each year. You are able to join visits to individual colleges or large student fairs to explore your options.