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CATS Academy Dining

CATS Academy Dining serves culturally diverse menus, featuring traditional favorites, ethnic dishes and international flavors. Chefs and dieticians offer nutrition education programs and wellness events throughout the year to ensure you stay fit and healthy. They also accommodate special dietary needs in a personalized, sensitive manner.

You can view daily menus, plan meals, calculate nutrition and find out more about CATS Academy Dining events and education online at:

Evenings on campus

The goal is for you to be a self-directed, independent learner. You will spend a minimum of two hours each evening preparing for your classes. Formal study hours in the dorms are from 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Sunday through Thursday evenings. Students who have earned a place on the Honor Roll are exempt from evening study and may keep their dorm rooms closed and observe quiet hours.

Leaving the campus

If you wish to leave the campus overnight or leave the Boston area you can request an exeat from the Attendance Coordinator – this will allow you to explore other parts of the U.S.

Day Students

Day students have the option to travel to and from school via public transportation or arranged rides via parents/guardians. CATS Academy employs a shuttle bus between campus and the Braintree T station before and after school. You will receive a student travel card offering discounted fares on all local public transportation.


We encourage you to live independently, preparing you for life at university or college. Personal laundry is your responsibility and washers and dryers are available in the residences, and washing powder is available for a small fee.

Religious worship

CATS Academy Boston is a non-denominational organisation. We respect each student's right to practise their religion and are happy to give you details of the closest church, mosque, synagogue, temple or alternative place of religious worship. A prayer room can be made available on campus, if requested.