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An integral part of the curriculum is the CATS Innovation program: specialist courses that prepare you to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Electives in the program provide you with hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, social justice, innovation, and environmental responsibility. Through CI, you can explore interdisciplinary areas of interest which give you insights into potential areas of study in college. These courses enhance your college readiness by developing your communication, teamwork, leadership, and decision-making skills.

You will need to take one of two foundation courses: Professional Communications or Financial Management.

Choose a direction

Beyond the two foundation courses, you can choose to take more focused electives, participate in co-curricular clubs, and select a CI pathway that could lead to a Certificate of Excellence in Innovation.

Innovative electives

You can take any CI electives throughout your academic journey at CATS Academy Boston. These electives are designed to inspire creative thought, push the boundaries of accepted theory, and engage students in progressive fields of study.

Previously offered CI electives include:

Fashion Technology and Marketing

Business of Music

Music Technology and Production

Financial Management

Philanthropy in Business

Professional Communications

Economics in Literature

Viral Imagination

Financial Management

Business Writing

Philanthropy in Business

Big Data

Game Theory



History of Economics 1: 1785–1900

History of Economics 2: 1900–2015



Russia’s Role in the Global Economy

Experiential co-curricular clubs

Complementing the CI electives, real-world co-curricular clubs will be goal-oriented and practice-based. CI co-curriculars will also meet with regional experts, visit businesses related to the club’s focus, and attend relevant lectures, workshops, and conferences.