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A reputation for innovation and excellence

A knowledge based city with world class universities and research institutions. Boston is home to many of the world’s leading global finance, biotechnology and manufacturing companies.

Small in size, Boston is easy to navigate, especially on foot.

Boston is also known as ‘the walking city’, it has lots of historic and beautiful areas to explore including ‘the freedom trail’ a 2.5 mile red lined route that leads you to 16 historically significant sites.

Excellent location with good connections

Boston has an excellent subway system (called “the T”) that makes it simple to get to its many famous sites and attractions. It’s a cheap, fast and convenient way to get around the City of Boston.

An inspiring food scene

Boston has a bustling restaurant scene that will cater for all tastes. From the freshest seafood to the home comfort of All-American cuisine. With over 2500 restaurants you can eat your way around the city.

Offering a huge range of entertainment

Boston is a vibrant city with a whole range of entertainment on offer – museums and galleries, cinemas, restaurants, live music and theatre, three major league sports teams, and over 2,100 parks and green spaces. There is so much to explore in Boston.