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Our program will engage your natural curiosity about the world and your interest in modern technology and applications.

You will explore ideas, experiment with materials, and build your own devices while on field trips and on campus. You will meet local artisans, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. The city of Boston and its environs will serve as an extension of our classroom. We hope that this program will inspire you to apply your knowledge of STEM fields wherever you are.

Quick facts:

  • Minimum English standard: Equivalent to TOEFL 40/IELTS 4.0.
  • Average class size: 12–15
  • Age: 14–17
  • Course length: 1–4 weeks
  • Start dates: July 9th–August 6th 2017*
  • Price: $1,875 per week**

In addition, you will:

  • Go on field trips in and around Boston
  • Apply your knowledge of STEM fields
  • Develop your teamwork skills
  • Participate in STEM challanges
  • Learn the design process
  • Participate in extracurricular activities
  • Learn about American culture
  • Visit great places on excursions

*Program run by our sister group Stafford House International.
**Price includes accommodation and food. Airport transfers can be arranged for an additional cost.

Sample STEM program schedule