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We offer two additional entry routes for international students who need extra English support to meet the English language entry requirements of the High School Diploma through CATS Extra or the Academic English Program (AEP).

Academic English

The CATS Academic English Program (AEP) is a yearlong program which has been designed to upgrade your English language knowledge. If you have an English language level of TOEFL 30 or IELTS 3.5 the Academic English Program will boost your English language skills before starting the 9th or 10th grade curriculum at CATS Academy Boston.

After each semester, you can expect to gain 10 points on TOEFL and 0.5 on IELTS, thereby moving on to an academic course load at CATS Academy Boston when ready.

Quick facts

  • For those aged between 13–15 years old entering into Grade 9 in the Fall semester
  • Minimum English level of TOEFL 30/IELTS 3.5
  • Daily courses of intensive academic English instruction
  • Continuous assessment of English language progress with personal advisors

CATS Extra

If your English level is slightly lower than the entry requirements, you will study CATS Extra.

With CATS Extra, you study additional English as part of your curriculum, until you have achieved the required level for your grade.

Quick facts

  • For those entering Grades 9–10
  • Minimum English level of TOEFL 35/IELTS 3.5
  • Students will study all credit-bearing core subjects as with the High School Diploma
  • Lessons are taught by trained ESL specialists to accelerate their English language proficiency
  • Continuous assessment of English language progress with personal advisors
  • Average class size: 12–15 students 

“The best thing about CATS is the international community. I love learning new things every day just by sitting at a cafeteria table. It is like travelling around the world without even leaving the school.”
Jimena Garcia Mexican. 11th Grade