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The CATS Academic English Programme is a full-time intensive course, designed for students who do not yet meet the English Language entry requirements to progress directly into our other programmes.

Who is this programme for?

Our Academic English Programme will help you develop your English skills to excel in your chosen CATS academic programme – A level, International Baccalaureate Diploma or University Foundation Programme. For students aged 14-16, Academic English is delivered as part of our GCSE and Pre-programme courses. The course is designed to be taken before a CATS academic programme.

Key features

  • Receive intensive English tuition in preparation for your studies: our integrated classes cover reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary.
  • Get an introduction to the vocabulary required for your chosen programme.
  • Learn about the following subjects in English: Maths; Business; History; and the Sciences.
  • Focus on improving your accuracy (how correct your English is) and fluency (how well you can communicate).
  • Prepare for IELTS to be able to take the governmentapproved IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration Quick facts (UKVI), which is necessary for all visa applications.

Key facts

Age 16+
Academic entry requirements A school report that identifies English needs that can be met by this course,
describes a student who is willing to learn and develop
Language level requirements IELTS 3.5+
Average class size 8
Hours per week 27
Course duration

1, 2 or 3 terms

1, 2 or 3 terms

Areas of study:

  • Academic English language – study skills and vocabulary, grammar, essay construction, research and note taking
  • Communication skills – interaction with classmates, discussion and conversation techniques 
  • Cultural familiarisation – living and studying in the UK
  • Projects and assignments – you will complete a number of projects and assignments in pairs or groups during the programme.
  • Confidence building required for further study
  • Working towards the Academic IELTS exam itself, including strategies for sample papers and exam practice

“It’s been a fantastic experience studying at CATS. The best thing about CATS is that there are a lot of international students. It was easy to make friends here and there were plenty of opportunities to practise English.”
Yuliya Medvedenko - Kazakhstan - Studying Management and Marketing at Lancaster University

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Frequently asked questions

Why you should study AEM

You will develop your writing, listening, reading and spoken English skills. You will learn new vocabulary, a basic understanding of grammar and how to use new words in both academic and everyday situations. This programme also provides an introduction to the common terms used regularly in academic subjects covering, for example: English for Business, English for Maths, English for Science and English for Humanities. You will also be exposed to English in every day life, becoming familiar with it as a day to day communication and socialising tool.

Who AEM is for

AEM is ideal for students aged 16+. If you wish to study in the UK but do not yet have strong English this programme will develop your skills and confidence in the language.

Success guarantees you entrance to oneof CATS further study options.

How AEM prepares you for further study before university

This programme teaches the grammar, terms and expressions used in academic subjects, and success guarantees you entry to CATS academic programmes that will allow you to progress to a UK university.

How AEM prepares you for a successful career

As English is used in international business all over the world, employers like and value your language skills greatly. By mastering the English Language, you make yourself more attractive to big organisations and stand out from the crowd. Accurate English is the key to success.

How you are assessed

You are examined through a combination of internal and external exams

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