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Yesterday's business student, today's entrepreneur

Student stories 1 May 2018

"I got incredible support from the CATS College London; my Principal, my higher education adviser and my form tutor. It was just amazing how they were by my side and ready to help out when I thought I just couldn’t do it."
- Aarul Malaviya, CEO of MASH Virtual and former CATS College London student

Aarul Malaviya, from India, studied A Levels at CATS London. In 2016 he secured a Tier 1 Entrepreneurship Visa and set up his London-based tech start-up, MASH Virtual. MASH use artificial intelligence to create software applications and educational virtual reality games.

“My story didn’t take a straight path. I said to myself half way through my A levels ‘ok, digital media is something I want to do, I want to change my subjects.’ CATS College was very supportive of my decision and as part of the change recommended an internship to demonstrate my commitment to digital media.

“At that time digital media was so new, not many people knew about it, but I secured a place at a charitable organisation making promotional videos for social media. Aside from learning technical skills, it taught me soft skills like time management.”

The innovative young entrepreneur attributes his success, in part, to the skills he learned during his time at CATS College London.

“When I came to CATS I gained the self-confidence to stand up in front of a crowd… I started pitching my ideas to people and now my entire job is to speak to a lot of different people.

“I learnt these skills as a member of the CATS London Student Council. You had to speak to everyone, get their feedback and tell the Principal what they were feeling; those interactions really made a difference.  

“CATS also taught me it was ok to fail, that when you fail there’s a lot to learn and you can look at failure as your coach, always after you to push harder.”

Aarul is just one of many students who started his business education at CATS London, where we offer a range of business courses. In addition to your chosen academic programme, we have introduced a new Business Enrichment Programme which includes access to the Bloomberg Business Lab. CATS London is the first school in Europe to offer this at secondary school level. 

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