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Why Electives Matter at American Boarding School, and How You Should Choose Them

Course guide 28 September 2017

High school is a time for self-discovery, exploration, and reaching your full potential. Students attending top boarding schools like CATS Boston have a lot of opportunities to explore their interests, experiment with different areas of academia, and get closer to choosing their future path in life.

One way you can do this is through the elective subjects offered as part of your high school program. Electives are an excellent way to not only determine what you are interested in studying at college level, but to bolster your university application.

If you’re considering enrolling at a boarding school to prepare for university success in the U.S., read on to learn more about the importance of electives.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Electives for Boarding School Students

Choosing the right electives can make all the difference in your success in high school and beyond. Many top universities in the U.S. consider an applicant’s elective courses during their admissions evaluation process. The type of elective and how you perform could be an important deciding factor in your application.

As a result, you should think carefully about which electives you choose and why. Students attending boarding school in Boston at CATS, for instance, complete five academic classes and two electives during each grade level. With only two electives per year, it is vital that you choose courses that will help you achieve your goals.

It is also important to take electives that will help you explore your interests, especially in the earlier years of high school. Enrolling in electives that cover topics you are considering studying at university, or that are relevant to the career path you are considering, provides the opportunity to discover if that area of study is really right for you.

Students at CATS Boston have the opportunity to take electives related to areas that interest them

Selecting Electives at American Boarding School to Help with University Studies

One of the big advantages of attending an American boarding school is the wide range of electives available. At CATS, students can choose from a variety of interesting courses such as Advanced Fashion, Financial Management, and Big Data, among many other courses offered at the Boston campus. These choices can change depending on your needs and interests.

When selecting an elective, it’s always best to keep your university goals in mind. If you already know what you want to study, it is wise to take electives that will help prepare you for that subject.

Students who want to study commerce after attending CATS Boston, for example, might take the Economics Macro, Professional Communications or Business course. These subjects will help build a solid foundation of knowledge for university, and will also show universities that you are committed and passionate about your field of study.

If you already know which university you are applying to, you should also research any specific elective requirements that university may have, or subjects that might make a good addition to your application for a particular university.

Taking Electives for a Well-rounded Application or a Balanced Course Load

Electives can also contribute to a well-rounded university application, as many U.S. universities look for students who are multifaceted and have strengths beyond academics. Taking some electives in different areas like arts or sciences could be beneficial during your time at CATS Boston, especially when combined with extracurricular activities such as sports or drama.

CATS Boston offers non-academic electives that can contribute to a well-rounded university application

In addition, taking some of the electives offered at CATS Boston that are less heavy on academics, such as Music Technology and Production or Advanced Drawing & Painting, is a great way to balance your course load, so you can focus on more challenging courses such as honors or AP-level classes and boost your GPA.

Do you want to have the best possible opportunity for success at an American university?

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