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Why a U.S. High School Diploma Program is Your Child’s Post-Secondary Passport

University preparation 12 September 2017

Boarding school is a great opportunity to provide your child with choices and opportunities that may be harder to find in your regular school system. One of these options, available at CATS Academy Boston, is the chance to earn a U.S. high school diploma.

How do you know that this is the right path for your child and their post-secondary ambitions? Keep reading to find out more about the doors a U.S. high school diploma can open, and how CATS Academy Boston ensures that your child can make the most of them.

An American Boarding School Diploma Prepares Students for College in the U.S.

Pursuing an American high school diploma is an excellent option for students who want to attend college in the U.S. upon graduation. An American diploma ensures that American universities will recognize your child’s qualifications, and will be familiar with the grading system used.

Earning a diploma at CATS Academy is a great way for students to prepare for the U.S. college system

CATS also offers different levels of classes for students depending on their education level, making it easy for international students to work at a pace suitable for them. College Placement courses provide standard subject instruction, while Honors Courses are a good opportunity for students at a higher level to study in a more challenging environment. Finally, Advanced Placement (AP) courses provide college-level instruction, which prepares students for the rigor of university study.

A U.S. Diploma Programme Can Help Students Improve Their English Skills

Boarding schools in the USA provide an ideal environment for students pursuing a high school diploma, especially if their first language is not English.

Studying and socializing in an English-speaking country provides students with a fully immersive experience that will really help them to improve their language skills. CATS Boston also offers a yearlong Academic English Program (AEP) to help students reach the necessary level to begin Grades 9 or 10, as well as the CATS Extra program, where students can access extra English training alongside their regular classes.

By improving their language skills through a high school diploma program and additional English programs, your child can be in a better position to pursue studies at top English-speaking universities whether they are in the U.S., Europe, or anywhere in the world.

A U.S. High School Diploma is Recognized All Over the World

A qualification from a U.S. high school diploma programme is widely recognized by university admissions departments. In North America, the high school diploma is a universally accepted admissions standard for universities – for example, top institutions in Canada consider the U.S. high school diploma to be equal to their own national qualifications, and are quite familiar with the American grading system.

 With a U.S. high school diploma, your child can pursue placements at universities all over the world

Schools in other countries around the world are also familiar with the high quality education students receive when completing an American high school diploma, meaning your child will be in an excellent position when the time comes to apply to universities, no matter where they want to go.

American boarding school is the best place for your child to pursue a high school diploma.

Contact CATS Academy Boston to find out why!

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