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The IB Diploma Program: Preparing Students for University Study

University preparation 16 June 2017

International Baccalaureate (IB) students perform better academically and enrol in top universities more frequently than students who complete other secondary education programs. While you might think this is only because IB programs tend to attract top-performing students in the first place, the program itself also offers students many advantages when preparing for university.

Read on to learn about three ways that the IB Diploma program prepares students for maximum university success.

Students Pursuing an IB Diploma Develop Independence          

The IB Diploma is not just an academic program – it aims to develop well-rounded students with independent drives and thinking styles who will have the intellectual and cultural literacy to thrive in an increasingly globalised world. This goal is reflected in the diploma program curriculum. For example, all students have to complete a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, through which they reflect on the nature of knowledge and develop a more nuanced perspective on knowledge claims, contributing to the capacity for critical, independent thought. IB Diploma students also complete a 4000 word extended essay on a subject of their choice, which helps students develop the skills required to complete large, self-directed projects. As many new university students struggle with the transition from secondary school to the demands of an undergraduate program, students from the IB Diploma program begin their university careers with confidence in their ability to complete challenging academic work on their own.

IB students cultivate the capacity for independent thought and motivation

The IB Diploma Program Fosters the International Perspective Needed for University Success

The university setting, especially at the world’s leading institutions, is increasingly international and facilitates the interaction of students, researchers, and professors from all over the world. As such, students who excel at university are most often the ones who are adept at critically engaging with multiple perspectives on important issues. This skill helps students to understanding the global implications of their studies and research.  

One of the unique features of the IB program is that it is developed independently of any national educational curricula. Instead, the program is based on a wide range of leading, internationally sourced research and is intended to prepare students for well-rounded, globally-focused postsecondary studies and careers. Offered at UK boarding schools like CATS Cambridge, the IB program is an ideal path to help students develop the balanced, internationally-minded perspective that will be expected of them at university.

Students develop an international perspective when they pursue an IB Diploma

The IB Diploma Program is Connected With Universities Worldwide

Students who undertake the International Baccalaureate in the UK can be sure that universities will acknowledge the intensive work behind their IB Diploma. Universities are familiar with the IB Diploma program, and many partner with the program to develop specific, accurately-calibrated admissions procedures for IB students as well as to contribute to the development of IB curricula. It is also common for universities to recognise the advanced level of IB coursework by offering IB Diploma holders advanced standing or credits upon entering an Undergraduate Degree program. This can allow students to save on tuition, spread out their course loads, or even fast-track their degrees on the way to exciting careers or more advanced study.

Do you think the IB program could be right for your child?

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