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Star pupil returns to CATS Cambridge

Student storiesUniversity preparation 27 March 2018

It’s always a pleasure when an ex-student from CATS visits us, to inspire our current students with their experiences at university. In February we were delighted to welcome back Ieva Budriunaite, who left CATS Cambridge in 2015. She completed A levels in Maths, Biology and Chemistry and accepted a place at the University of Essex where she is now studying Biomedical Sciences.

Ieva was an exceptionally hard working student at CATS, and her work ethic has paid off at university: she was among the top 10% of students in her second year, which gave her the opportunity to choose her work placement position. Ieva’s course offers the option for students to take an extra year placement, usually in a hospital, laboratory or a business – Ieva chose to work at Addenbrookes Hospital, one of the largest teaching hospitals in the country, which is affiliated with Cambridge University. 

Ieva has been working on tissue typing at Addenbrookes. This involves the analysis of patients’ DNA to find the best match for organ transplants. She described the work as demanding but interesting, and said that it gives her a real sense of fulfilment to know that she is contributing towards patients’ recovery. Her work placement will give her an IBMS (Institute of Biomedical Sciences) accreditation, which is needed to work in any HPCP (Health and Care Professionals Council) hospital or laboratory upon completion of her degree. In fact, Ieva has so impressed her supervisors at Addenbrookes that she has been offered a permanent position after her degree finishes next year. This is an exceptional achievement and we wish her all the best in her future career. 

Author: Sue Davies, Teacher of Biology and KPP Co-ordinator, CATS Cambridge 



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