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'Social’ distancing made fun

8 October 2020

As students away from home, you’re probably fed up hearing about all the things you can’t do, so here are some ideas for what you can. Get ready to put the ‘social’ into social distancing, bringing old and new friends together (even if it’s online or at a distance).

Set up a group chat

Invite students who live nearby to join a group chat, just pop a note under everyone’s door or through the letterbox with the details. If anyone does then have to isolate, there’s always someone to check in or pop to the shop for essentials.

Get fit with exercise stations

If the weather is fine, set up a circuit of exercises outdoors. Recruit volunteers online and set a different challenge at each station, swapping after a minute or two. Try jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, balancing on one foot, squats, skipping and anything else you can think of!

Picnic in the park

Pick a date, time and venue, then just set up your lunch two metres from the next person and enjoy dinner with your neighbours. What’s not to love about good food and good company – together but apart.

Zoom game night

Set up your ‘party’ for online fun with Switch, Xbox, PS4 or iPads. Or go old school, use zoom and get the board games out. Try playing Poker, Rummy, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary.

A great British Zoom Bake Off

For those in self-catered accommodation, take it in turns to test your cooking skills and share your favourite recipes. Just be sure to check for food allergies first!

Do a group crossword online

The perfect way to practise your English, schedule 20 minutes to do a shared crossword or puzzle each day. Check out the Guardian crosswords online or the various puzzles on offer from the Independent.

Dress up in a QuaranTHEME of the day

Guaranteed to raise a smile and brighten up a dull day, ask the tutors to organise a QuaranTHEME dress up day and post your pictures online.

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