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Sara’s story: preparing for a career in Chemistry

Student storiesUniversity preparation 1 May 2020

Hear from one of our CATS Canterbury students as she takes bold steps towards one of the world’s top universities.

A cornerstone of the CATS ethos is celebrating the achievements of our international students. Sara’s story is another in a proud tradition of supporting students towards their fullest academic potential.

Sara came to CATS Canterbury from Italy, originally for just three months to improve her English, but her stay turned out to be a little longer than originally planned…

Coming to study in the UK full time was a challenge she relished. CATS provided an environment where her talent could be supported by world-class academic and pastoral support.

As a result, Sara was empowered to discover where her strongest interests lay, and take practical steps to explore them.

The proof of CATS’ education philosophy lies in the way this environment prepares young people for adult life. Sara’s hard work and dedication paid huge dividends when it came time to apply for university.

We were able to help her navigate finding the right course and prepare a compelling application which showed her at her best.

The outcome? Offers to study at some of the world’s best institutions.

Choose a bright future for your child with CATS

Sara’s incredible story is one of many from young people we’ve helped with Oxbridge support, along with entry into other top global universities.

Could your child achieve the same in a learning environment like this? See for yourself, download a brochure now or contact us for more details.

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