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Oxbridge Applications and Admissions Online Event

Student storiesUniversity preparation 23 June 2021

An Oxbridge application can be a daunting prospect for any student. CATS Cambridge recently hosted an all-encompassing Oxbridge Applications and Admissions Online Event.

The online event featured expert guidance from Oxbridge academics and admissions tutors, CATS Alumni who are now studying at Oxbridge, and CATS Cambridge academic staff who have overseen many successful undergraduate applications from the college. CATS Cambridge has close links with the University of Cambridge and regularly hosts speakers from a range of colleges who lecture on their specialist subjects, perform mock interviews, and advise students on the admissions process.

As part of the CATS Colleges commitment to enable students to go further than others and create societal change, we invited students from any location and background to the Oxbridge Applications and Admissions Online Event so they could stretch their knowledge and unlock their Higher Education potential. Click here to watch all the sessions from our Oxbridge event.   

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