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Our pledge to protect our college communities

5 June 2020

At CATS College, it’s our mission to provide teaching excellence to young academics, helping them be their best and earn their place at a top university.

We remain dedicated to this mission in the face of enormous challenges for our school community, and indeed the entire world.

As we look towards the new academic year, securing the health and wellbeing of students is our biggest priority. As September approaches, all our efforts are dedicated to creating an environment where students feel safe and confident learning and living on our campuses.

These efforts are reflected in the CATS Colleges cares pledge. The pledge covers the measures we’re taking to secure students’ welfare across four key areas:

  1. Arrival, transport, and departure are secured by specially trained drivers equipped with facemasks and fully sanitised vehicles. Testing is provided on arrival.
  2. Healthcare while on campus is a major focus. On-site medical staff provide safety briefings and testing. We maintain close relationships with nearby medical experts for added security.
  3. School environments have been adjusted to meet new demands. Class sizes have been limited, accommodation adapted, and outside visitors restricted.
  4. Student success remains our highest priority. Provisions are in place for students to continue learning online, even in the most stringent lockdown conditions.

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