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One step closer to becoming a vet: CATS students receive offers to study Veterinary Medicine

Student storiesUniversity preparation 1 April 2019

Congratulations to our students who hold conditional offers for Veterinary Science at 5 of the 7 universities that offer the subject in the UK including the University of Cambridge.

CATS Colleges, with four boarding schools for 14-18 year olds, specialises in preparing international students from over 80 countries for a range of competitive professions including veterinary science.

Watch Maria and Hayoung, two current students at CATS, share their experiences:

We offer you specialist support when applying to study Veterinary Medicine at university including:

  1. Preparation for university entrance exams for medical pathways
  2. Lectures and visits from leading healthcare researchers and medics
  3. Support arranging suitable voluntary experience
  4. Preparing your personal statement

Maria from Venezuela, an existing student at CATS London tells us:

“The university support at CATS is really good. We've got university support for veterinary medicine, regular medicine and Oxbridge applications. This support is so important when applying to a competitive degrees like this.”

Hayoung from South Korea, studying at CATS Cambridge comments on the specialist support she received at CATS:

“There is something called Key Profession Programme for medics like me and others who are preparing for medicine. It helps with interview preparation and preparing for university entrance tests, like UKCAT and BMAT.”

To find out more about your route to a degree in Veterinary Medicine

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