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New University Foundation Programme in Engineering launching September 2021

Course guideUniversity preparation 19 May 2021


A career in engineering offers limitless possibilities. At CATS Cambridge, we are ideally placed to ­inspire and educate high-achieving students who are looking to pursue an engineering degree at a top UK university. 

Starting in September 2021, the new Engineering subject will be taught exclusively at CATS Cambridge. 

Our University Foundation Programmes (UFP) is perfect for students wishing to study an engineering related discipline at university, such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering or Electrical Engineering. This subject is also designed to be delivered in conjunction with our UFPs in Mathematics and Chemistry.    

By taking our UFP, you will learn essential skills needed for the workplace, such as critical thinking and evaluation skills. You will also be able to put your new skills to use through a range of practical assignment and experiments; all whilst developing your knowledge of Physics, Further Mathematics and Materials Science for a future career in Engineering!  

Students on this course, will learn about real-world issues affecting engineers right now and develop problem-solving skills for the future. 

Rob Mathers, UFP Chief Examiner for Mathematics and Natural Sciences, who will be teaching on this course, explains how our new course will specifically help students launch their career in engineering.

Rob goes on to explain how our course combines key subject areas including Further Mathematics to give students a solid foundation on which to build their future in engineering: 

​”This course builds on the UFP Mathematics specification by delving deeper into important areas of the syllabus, such as calculus and trigonometry, while also adding in new areas such as matrices and complex numbers. Experience with these areas of mathematics are highly desirable to HE institutions in the UK and will provide valuable experience for future Engineering students.​” 



Engineering is a diverse field, with a huge range of academic and career paths. Our UFP is designed to help students discover the engineering path they desire and ensure they have options when selecting a university and a future career.  

Discover how our UFP can help you launch your future career in engineering at  

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