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Interview with Film Director & CATS Cambridge Alumni Sanpathit Tavijaroen

Student stories 13 April 2017

Name- Sanpathit Tavijaroen (Steve)

Where are you from- Bangkok, Thailand

Current Profession- Founder / Film Director of Dream Riders : Creative Production

When did you study at CATS Education? 
I studied at CATS from 1994 to 1996

Which campus did you study at?
I joined CATS Cambridge always studied at the Round Church. At that time there were only two buildings, one called the “Science block” and the other “Art block” which I mostly spent my time in.

What did you study at CATS and why? 
I completed two A levels in Design, Media Studies and an Art Foundation Course during those two years. I chose CATS because when I was looking for a college to continue my study from Thailand, a well-known professor in Thailand introduced me to an ‘up and coming art college in Cambridge called CATS, he suggested to me that I take a look.
At the time there was no internet, all I could look at was a thick brochure the professor handed to me, apparently he lived in Cambridge then. The next thing I knew I was on the plane, flew all the way from Thailand, got on the train from King’s Cross station straight to Cambridge and walked about in the college for about two hours before deciding that this was the place I wanted to be. In the end, it was really about the unique set up. It was located at the heart of the Round Church, had great professionalism, highly respected tutors, and a lovely town. 

What did you enjoy about CATS?
There were lots of memorable stories to recall at CATS, both at the college and time with friends after classes. I was trained well both on my skills and attitude which I still believe, these two have always been my strong factors that brought tons of success in my career so far.
I also met lots of very good friends who we still keeping in touch even though we live in different countries, either talking through Facebook, or set up a meeting once in a while. 

What new things did you learn about at CATS? 
I discovered my true strength as a professional, especially with lots of help from my tutors around me at the time. They not only taught me or gave me some guidelines, but they also created numerous new challenges which helped me to stand out from other talents within the same industry.

In what ways did CATS help you get into the career path you have followed?
It was all about great preparation, from basic to advance. They did really well to nurture and guide me to where I wanted to be. The tutors at CATS use to always remind me what I wanted to achieve in the future, which is what I still really like about CATS. Only If your mind is clear on what you wanted to do will they then be able to help you with all their passion in helping to unleash your true potential.

What advice would you give to the students studying at CATS now?
Enjoy experimenting and get the most out from CATS. You will never succeed if you sit silently in the corner waiting for someone to help you. You must go to them and they can then help unleash your true potential.

Top tips on studying at CATS and/or what students should do to give them the best chance at a successful future. 
You need to work by “Idea & Dream” to survive in the future. “Idea” will help you steer to success and be ahead of others within the same industry as you. “Dream” will keep your hunger and passion alive, it’s like having an engine firing all the time.


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