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Interview with CATS Cambridge Graduate Marselo Iliev

Student stories 27 June 2017

Where are you from?  Bulgaria
Next Educational Destination:  CSVPA
Dream Career:  Fashion Designer 
Links: artistrybymarcello

What did you study at CATS and why?
I studied Mathematics, English, Science, Art and Photography. Subjects that will be really useful for me in future.

Where did your interests in these courses come from? 
Math, English and Science are the ones that are compulsory. However, Art and Photography are the ones I chose as they are the ones I feel extremely happy to be in. I also wanted to work on my creativity. In addition, they will be beneficial for my future education and career. 


Why did you choose to study in Cambridge?
Cambridge is a really convenient place for me as it has lots of places to shop, great museums to visit, such as the Fitzwilliam Museum, and places to hang out with friends. Also, Cambridge is not that big or crowded which makes it easier to go to places that you need to!

What classes did you enjoy at CATS and why?
As you would probably guess, I really enjoyed Photography and Art as I learned a lot and I experienced many different things. For example, in Photography I progressed my skills in Photoshop throughout the year. Eventually I was able to create the pictures I imagined in my head and it was also great to hear that people actually liked them. That made me really happy!


How did CATS help you pursue your passions?
I’ve learned a lot from my art and photography teachers, David and Joe, about all the things you need to succeed in that particular Artsy path and also just by doing the things in class that they were setting for us. Here, I started to realise how passionate I am in that area. My personal tutor helped me a lot too. 

What encouraging things would you say to potential students considering to study at CATS? 
For those who want to study here I would honestly say that the place is great, with welcoming teachers and outstanding equipment. I would also say that if you do your best, you will receive the best. We all are different but there is something for anyone here in CATS, that they might enjoy!

Who inspires you and your work?
Well, anything could inspire me from a painting, building, a photograph to someone’s personality!


What do you hope to do in the future? 
I hope to have my own fashion brand and give the world extraordinary clothes, bringing confidence and strength to my costumers!


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