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International success stories from our UFP alumni

University preparation 1 April 2020

For international students, the CATS University Foundation Programme (UFP) is the ideal bridge between high school and university-style learning. This subject-focused pre-university course is recognised by 99% of universities for producing high-achieving, naturally curious students. Here are some of their stories:


Gioutzien from Greece

Gioutzien graduated from CATS and went on to read law at the University of Kent, which included a year abroad at Uppsala University, Sweden. In July 2019, he graduated with first class honours.

Nowadays, he’s studying at BPP Law School for a Legal Practice Course, en route to qualifying as a lawyer specialising in Commercial Litigation and Arbitration.

This truly international education began with the CATS UFP, which was recommended to Gioutzien by his cousin. This gave him the freedom to choose his own path, something he doesn’t feel he could have achieved as easily with A-Levels. Taking the business UFP with sociology instead of accounting gave him the exact grounding he needed to succeed. As he puts it:

“Our tutors were well aware that in order for us to succeed, we had to commit to adapting to those methods, and that is not an easy thing to do. Nevertheless, they pushed us and motivated us to keep moving forward and taught us not to allow ourselves to be distracted. All of this triggered a maturation process which has made me the man I am today and for which I am very grateful.”


Yineen from China

After graduating from the CATS UFP, Yineen went travelling solo around the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Vietnam before returning to study law at the University of Sheffield.

She already has her sights set on internship opportunities with the likes of JP Morgan, PwC, and Deutsche Bank, while nurturing her talent for business by providing English language coaching.

To study and travel abroad takes tenacity and versatility, something Yineen credits to her teachers on the UFP:

"Teachers here are very interactive with us in class, it is never simply about the academic facts we talked about, but also how the course can benefit our future study."

The course gave her the perfect way to bridge between school life in China and her new life in the UK. From formal academic writing to critical thinking skills, Yineen is ready for a prosperous career.

Gudrat from Azerbaijan

After attending CATS, Gudrat achieved a higher 2:1 in Management from CASS Business School. Today, he’s the Managing Director at the Bioloji Tebabet Hospital in his native Azerbaijan, with a dream of one day earning his MBA from Harvard.

To get so far, he began with the CATS UFP, which was recommended to him by a friend. That’s one recommendation he was pleased to receive, in his own words:

“I'm still with my girlfriend who I met at CATS, and we're planning to marry. My friends from CATS college are still my best friends. The memories are priceless.”

Going to an international boarding school like CATS might have felt intimidating, but the educational and personal support Gudrat received here empowered him to thrive.

The UFP prepared him academically, while the environment gave him the essential responsibility to prepare for university life.


Prepare for your future with CATS

International students from all walks of life have used the CATS UFP to prepare themselves for new lives, with new dreams and ambitions in new corners of the globe.

With world-class tuition among historic surroundings, it’s the perfect environment to stimulate and nurture learning for life.

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