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How we nurture the world shapers of tomorrow

Boarding school experience 6 April 2022

The CATS approach focuses on each young person as an individual, nurturing key analytical, enterprising, and human skills which give them the tools to thrive in life. In our schools, we are entrusted with moulding the world shapers of tomorrow and as such, we ensure that all of our staff understand and are invested in the CATS Approach. This investment is not just exclusive to our teachers. All CATS staff that support our students, from House Parents to Higher Education Advisors play a part in our ‘whole-student’ approach and are just as important in reinforcing our ethos outside of the classroom.
Developing subject knowledge and skills
Within our ‘whole-student’ approach traditional education skills still underpin a high proportion of success against traditional metrics (such as exam scores) and are a key focus area in all CATS Colleges schools.
Mastering Exam skills
Students need to be effectively prepared for their exams with subject knowledge but also with methods and tactics to manage stress and to develop a feeling of ownership over the exam process.
Understanding and interacting with peers of all nationalities and backgrounds
A student should make the most of living, working, and playing alongside other students in the school and in the wider world which they will inhabit in the future.
Enhancing English skills
Students need to be able to understand what they are being taught, what they are being asked in assessments and to clearly articulate their answers, but also to express themselves in the school environment.
Effectively overcome learning challenges and developing self-motivation
This is vital for success at school, but also beyond the school gates when working constructively with others. We ensure students stretch themselves academically and understand how to learn from failure and know what to do when they meet a challenge at university or in their career.
Preparing to live independently
Our caring and accepting environment with high staff to student ratios, prepares each student to be able to adapt to university life and make the most of their individual Higher Education path.
CATS students are diverse in background, in prior experiences, and in their ability to perform against standard academic assessments. In our dynamic education environment, a standard fit approach does not work for our students or staff. I am fortunate to say that we recruit our staff from a vast range of backgrounds. I am also very proud that our staff tell me that they are drawn to CATS Colleges because they enjoy working with our diverse student body and encouraging young people to achieve. The wide-ranging experience and knowledge of our staff allow us to fit our approach to every student and cater for any educational need.
Throughout their time with us, a student is encouraged and supported to make an informed decision about which universities and courses are best for them to apply to. We have dedicated Higher Education Advisors in our schools who facilitate this process with each student, and we benefit from strong relationships with our partner universities who provide talks from their own academics and admissions staff. This extra focus on the university application process means CATS students interact with the Higher Education world as closely as possible.
A student’s achievements do not end at University... We want to see our students thrive and show genuine interest in what they do and where they go after they leave us; whether that is further study, career success, or reaching their own dream. Their achievements encourage us to keep going further in our pursuit of educational excellence. Having overseen CATS Colleges for several years, I have seen first-hand the success the CATS Approach has in nurturing the world shapers of tomorrow. I take great pride in seeing the enormous benefits we have given to thousands of students in the past and will continue to do so for many thousands of students in the future.


This blog post had been written by Dr Craig Wilson, the Executive Principal of CATS Colleges


Craig has been working for CATS Colleges since 2013. Craig studied at Warwick School, before reading Chemistry at the University of Oxford, obtaining a First Class degree before completing his DPhil and training to be a Science Teacher. Craig has a wealth of experience in international education settings and is a firm believer in the power of a growth mindset and in the importance of the following Assessment for Learning strategies in the classroom.


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