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How Living Abroad Enriches the Lives of Students at English Boarding Schools

Boarding school experience 25 April 2017

The UK education system is one of the best in the world. From secondary school to university level, British institutions are globally recognised and respected for the quality of their curriculum, facilities, and teachers, and it is no surprise that the country is a popular study destination.

However, international boarding school students get far more than just a quality education. The experience of living abroad at such a young age can also be extremely beneficial, helping them to become more independent, build their confidence, and develop vital personal skills.

Read on to find why studying in the UK can be such a valuable, life-changing experience for international students.

Living Abroad as a Young Adult Helps Students Develop Valuable Life Skills

At first, coming to a new country as a young adult can be difficult for students. For example, they may be spending time away from home for the first time, where being apart from their family and friends can be tough. But while it is challenging, it can also be a valuable learning experience.

Having to adjust to an unfamiliar environment, make new friends, and become more self-reliant helps students to develop crucial life skills, making them more confident, outgoing, and independent.  With that experience behind them, they are often well prepared for adjustment of university life as well as working and travelling abroad in the future.

Students at English Boarding Schools Become More Open-Minded

English boarding schools attract a diverse mix of students from different nationalities, each with their own unique culture. Being exposed to so many different people and perspectives helps students to become more open-minded as they connect with people from a variety of different backgrounds daily.

Caption: Students learn to connect with people from a diverse range of cultures

Not only that, but studying abroad can also be a chance for students to try new things. Many students find new and interesting hobbies during their time in the UK, as they learn about activities that might not be common in their home country.

Students attending boarding school in Canterbury, for example, have a choice of over 125 different extracurricular programmes, including a wide range of different sports, arts programmes, and other activities.

Students Studying at UK Boarding Schools Improve Their English Skills

Mastering a second language can be incredibly useful, and studying in the UK is a great way for students to improve their English skills. Even if they have already studied the language, being fully immersed in an English-speaking environment will do wonders for their comprehension.

As boarding school students come from all over the world, English is the common spoken language. This means that attending classes, going on trips, or even just socialising with friends all become opportunities to practice and develop their language skills, making students more confident as they use English every day during their time in the UK.

Boarding School Students Make Lifelong Friends from All Over the World

Perhaps the most rewarding thing about attending an English boarding school is the people you meet. Students form strong bonds with classmates during their time in the UK, as they share new and exciting experiences together.

Boarding school students form lifelong friendships as they explore the UK

These relationships often turn into lifelong friendships, and can even provide them with valuable professional connections as they progress to further study and eventually start their career.  And with classmates from all over the world, students build a strong global network of contacts that can be beneficial wherever their future might lead.   

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