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How an Academic English Program in the USA Can Help Students Improve Their English

Course guide 18 July 2017

For students with lower levels of English, an Academic English Program (AEP) can be an excellent alternative route into an American high school diploma program. Specially designed for students, AEPs provide daily intensive English instruction that allows them to gradually improve their skills to the level expected by top US schools.

With extra support and training from dedicated advisors, AEP students can make real progress within a short time, building their vocabulary and comprehension skills and becoming more confident using English on a regular basis.

Learn how Academic English Programs get students up to speed.

Academic English Programs are Designed Specifically for High School Students

Although students can improve their English through ordinary language classes, many courses are designed for a more general audience.  Since students need to be able to learn about challenging subjects, the reading, writing, and comprehension skills they need can be very different from the average English language learner.

An Academic English Program is designed specifically for students who are looking to attend high school in the USA, so they can be sure that the skills they learn will fully prepare them for their studies, and help them to achieve the best possible results.

An American Boarding School is an Immersive English Environment for Students

Another advantage of completing an Academic English Program in an American boarding school is that students are fully immersed in an English-speaking environment. This means that they get to practice and improve their skills every day when talking to friends, exploring the local area, and participating in after-school activities.

AEP students can practice their English skills with their friends in the USA

As a result, their English improves much more quickly than it would if they were still studying in their home country. Not only that, but they have the chance to adjust to life in the USA before they begin a full high school course, and will be much more settled by the time they begin.

Students in Academic English Programs Get Personal Attention

Top boarding schools in the USA are known for the quality of individual attention and support they provide, so academic English students can be sure that they will receive help and guidance every step of the way.

Students at CATS, for instance, are each assigned personal advisors who continuously assess their English progress. An advisor will quickly identify any areas where a student is having difficultly, and work with them to address any challenges.

AEP students have personal advisors to help them make progress

An Academic English Program in the USA Will Help Students Get Results Fast

Above all else, an Academic English Program in the USA is a great way to make progress quickly. At CATS, AEP students can expect to gain around 10 points on their TOEFL score or 0.5 on IELTS each semester, and start an academic course load as soon as they are ready.

This means that even those with the minimum English language level of TOEFL 30 or IELTS 3.5 should be able to begin a 9th or 10th grade curriculum within one year. The preparation and dedicated support that AEP students receive at an international boarding school means that they have the skills not just to complete a high school diploma, but to achieve high grades in their studies and progress to top universities around the world.

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