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Four core skills you'll need to succeed in business

University preparation 30 April 2018

A recent LinkedIn survey revealed that the skills most sought after by employers are leadership, communication, collaboration and time management. If you’re planning a career in business, it’s important that you develop these key competencies as part of your preparation for university and the world of work.

At CATS College London we offer students a new Business Enrichment Programme which gives them an invaluable insight into the world of business, providing future leaders and managers with the skills they need for university success.


Critical and strategic thinking are essential qualities in a good leader, along with a sound understanding of how their particular industry operates. Our Enrichment Programme includes Business Masterclasses where you can learn first-hand from a business leader who reached the top; participate in workshops on commercial awareness; and visit major financial institutions in the city of London.


Effective communication is vital in every aspect of life, but there are specific types of business communication which you will need to learn at university, from presentation skills to networking and negotiation. The Young Enterprise Business Challenge helps future entrepreneurs at CATS develop the focus and creativity needed to start up a new business, giving them a head start in their university applications.


Successful projects are driven by a group of people working together towards a common goal by sharing their ideas and talents. Whether you’re a nurse in a hospital emergency room or a violinist in an orchestra, the secret is good teamwork. As part of our Enrichment Programme, you can participate in the Bank of England Video Challenge to practise team working, as you collaborate on the production of a business-focussed documentary film.

Time Management

If you can efficiently prioritise and plan activities and projects, you will get more work done in less time. Good time management is equally important for a student planning coursework, or a financial director managing information channels. At our Bloomberg Business Lab you’ll be challenged to step into the shoes of a real business trader, preparing reports and conducting research to a tight deadline, as part of a simulated trading and investment project.

CATS College London aims to help students with a special interest in business reach their full potential, gain insight into studying at university and experience the world of business by inviting them to engage with their Business Enrichment Programme of activities, support and guidance.


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