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Critical thinkers at CATS

University preparation 4 April 2018

Critical thinking is at the heart of academic study. Critical thinkers consider subjects clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas. It’s a key competency required by top UK universities, and to prepare their students for future interviews, CATS embed critical thinking skills into their curriculum as well as their after-school events and activities.

This month, students from CATS Cambridge learned all about Brexit and the European Union (EU) at an educational event hosted by Involver, a civil society group funded by the UK Parliament and the European Commission.

“Brexit” refers to Britain's exit from the European Union, a prospective withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the EU. Students were given an introduction to the EU and its decision making process, and looked at how the UK operates under its influence. They were encouraged to consider the effects of EU membership, and look at the types of relationship which might develop in future.

The topic of Brexit offers an instructive opportunity for international students to look at modern British life and relations between countries, while developing their skills in critical thinking and evaluating sources. Students had the opportunity to ask questions about the possible impact of Brexit on the labour market, on house prices, and even on top-level English football clubs. Those with an interest in Economics and Politics were also keen to learn more about how leaving the EU might affect the UK economy.

In considering the EU’s political system and the ongoing negotiation of Brexit terms, CATS students developed their strategic problem solving, logical reasoning and creative thinking skills. These elements of critical thinking are all vitally important for setting students on a pathway to university success.

Is your child interested in pursuing a career in politics? Contact CATS Colleges to learn more about potential pathways to university. Read more about the “Model United Nations” learning programme, and other activities which promote critical thinking at CATS College Cambridge.


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