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Celebrating success with CATS UFP students

University preparation 12 June 2020

International students on the CATS University Foundation Programme (UFP) have broken records with their best ever pass rate, a hugely impressive 95%.

The UFP helps students bridge the gap between their native curriculums and entry to the UK’s top universities. This year, the results speak for themselves with a majority of students achieving top grades in key academic areas:

  • 62% got A*, A, or B grades in psychology
  • 52% got A* or A grades in accounting
  • 50% got A* or A grades in geography
  • 44% got A* or A grades in economics
  • 41% got A* or A grades in media studies

25 top UK universities have already accepted 161 CATS students. Our Academic Director, George Casley, offered them his congratulations, as well as our staff:

"Achieving CATS UFP in any circumstances shows the abilities and resolve to succeed. Doing so in the midst of a pandemic shows our students to be exceptional people.

Putting all assessments for CATS UFP online involved our chief examiners working rigorously with our external examiners and university partners to ensure that high standards were maintained. The results bear witness to the high quality of pastoral care offered by CATS that meant that, even when dispersed, students remained motivated and able to learn and take assessments."

Helping young people find their path

The CATS UFP connects ambitious students with world-class academic and pastoral support. With fresh success stories every year, this is a college community where young people come to thrive.

Could your child achieve the same? Secure a brighter future for them, contact us today.

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