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Celebrating 70 Years of CATS Colleges!

Boarding school experience 11 November 2021

2022 is the 70th Anniversary of CATS Colleges, and we thought we would mark this incredible milestone through a whole jubilee years’ worth of activities!

To kick off the celebrations we have dug back into the archives and taken a close look at CATS Colleges history and explored how the CATS Approach has developed over the decades. Our new Interactive CATS Colleges Timeline lets you discover just how we got to where we are today and has some interesting facts that you may not know. Our favourite is that a certain world champion F1 driver completed his GCSEs at CATS Cambridge. But you’ll have to visit the timeline to find out more.

Our 70th anniversary year is not just exciting history lessons – we have activities and articles planned throughout the year to celebrate our story and the great people that make CATS Colleges leaders in education excellence.

So stay tuned for more exciting news!

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