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CATS students celebrate 100% exam success

Student storiesUniversity preparation 15 February 2021

Students who recently took the Cambridge Advanced and Cambridge Proficiency examinations at CATS Cambridge in December 2020 have once again broken records with a pass rate of 100%, with many of the students achieving 100% in different skills. Students taking the exam are hitting the top 10% in terms of achievement as very few students achieve a grade A in either examination worldwide.

These examinations are designed to test the depth and strength of the student’s language abilities, and highlight their ability to able to understand and discuss complex or sensitive issues in a university or work environment.

Examinations are broken down into several categories including reading, writing, listening and speaking. Due to the current health crisis, Students have had to receive a combination of different teaching methods, including face-to-face, online teaching and blended learning.

Dominic Tomalin, Principal, CATS College Cambridge stated:  

"These are fabulous results; they are results in which our students and their teachers can take great pride. The Cambridge Advanced English and Cambridge Proficiency in English examinations are the most challenging tests of any student’s facility with the English language; I suspect that there are many native speakers who would struggle to achieve that which has been achieved by our students in these examinations.

Studying for the CAE and CPE provides students with an opportunity to develop the skills with the English language that will enable them to excel at University and beyond. I congratulate the students and their teachers on these impressive grades, they are the result of much dedication and hard work."

Cambridge Advanced and Cambridge Proficiency examinations Results December 2020:


Another record was also broken by one of our students, Michael Yap from Malaysia, who successfully achieved 100% in four out of five skills, which places him among the top scoring Cambridge Proficiency students worldwide.

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