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CATS Canterbury students' views on online learning

Boarding school experience 5 March 2021

CATS Canterbury students were recently invited to complete a survey regarding their online learning. Its purpose was to gather valuable feedback which could then be used to monitor and review the current teaching put in place during the global pandemic.

The survey included twenty statements that could be ranked one to five stars, as well as questions that enabled written responses and an opportunity to say which aspects of online learning had been most challenging and which aspects were most successful.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with mainly ‘four or five star’ responses and a range of comments that reveal some amazing benefits of online learning. Of course it does not suit everyone and the challenges for some have been immense.

The student views helped the academic and pastoral staff to carry out a detailed analysis of the data and address issues such as timetabling, time zones and internet access. Student wellbeing is at the heart of everything CATS Canterbury delivers and the College is committed to providing excellent teaching and learning but also making improvements and changes where needed.

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