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CATS Canterbury Students' Outstanding ISA Art Competition Results

Student stories 14 July 2021

Congratulations to CATS Canterbury students Viktoriya and Jini for winning the 2021 ISA London South Regional Art Competition in the 3D and Photography categories. The ISA National Art Competition is held annually. It allows schools to showcase their pupils’ art and for teachers to share best practice and ideas. There are dozens of classes that cover different age groups and genres, from 2D art, through to fashion and photography.

Three more works of our students have been chosen as runner-ups and five works are among the highly recommended. Ms. Jemma Jones, Curriculum Director, said: "The quality of work that GCSE, A level, International Baccalaureate and University Foundation Programme students have produced is outstanding. Several of the GCSE students have had less than a year’s tuition, some of which has been online. And they have flourished creating such sensitivity and mature responses to course themes. A huge well done to everyone in the fantastic art department!”

KS5 3D Winner

Consciousness of Human Emotion by Viktoriya 

"This work shows deep human emotions and mental state by colleaguing cut out pieces of photographs, with emphasis on emptiness, loneliness, feeling of deprivation and anxiety. It can also be the different perceptions that represent a range of human mental conditions. The sculpture was set in light and dark tones in order to express the progression of what a person may feel during the different periods of life. It was made by combining and integrating cut out symbolic water reflection photographs that I took. The trailing lower part expresses mental state conditions greatly in their own manner," said Viktoriya. 

KS5 Photography Winner

What Lies Beneath by Jini

"Emotions seem to be in charge of the certain things in life," Jini explained, "the reflected image is your emotions: when the wind blows and the water moves - raging, when it is still - contented."

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