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An obsession with learning at CATS London

University preparation 28 March 2018

CATS College London recently launched the “Obsessed with Learning Quest”, or “OWL Quest”, in which all CATS London students were challenged to answer questions which test their creative expression and persuasive writing skills. 

The purpose of the OWL Quest is to encourage students to consider and respond to questions that demand a broad cross-curriculum knowledge, familiarity with current affairs and strong logical reasoning. Students were presented with a choice of eight different questions, from “Can animal testing be justified for profit?” to “Can Maths be beautiful?”

Rishi Nathwani, the Director of Studies at CATS College London, commented:

This is a great tool that enables the students to express themselves in creative ways. 37 students participated, and they were all rewarded for their contribution with a celebration in the end of term assembly. Each participant was given an owl pin badge in recognition of their efforts.

Rishi Nathwani, Director of Studies at CATS College London

Following the success of this new initiative, the quest will be repeated in September 2018.

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