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A Levels 2021: Results and Destinations

Course guideUniversity preparation 10 August 2021

Today, A Level students across CATS Colleges have received their exam results. We are extremely proud to share that 71% of all A Level students this year have achieved at least one A* or A, with 66% of students achieving an A* or A in Natural Sciences, 67% of students achieving an A* or A in Humanities and 65% of students achieving an A* or A in Maths. 100% of all Fast Track students achieved an A*.

We congratulate all of CATS students on their outstanding results and wish them good luck as they move onto the next stage of their education.



A LEVELS is a focused programme of study with a minimum of three subjects. The CATS programme is specifically designed for international students with additional English language support to help them excel in their studies. Students can also study A levels in one year on the CATS Fast Track programme if they want to progress to university sooner.

CATS Colleges provide independent higher education advice to help students choose the right degree programme and university to achieve their ambitions. We have agreements with a range of UK universities to give students the confidence that they can progress to a leading institution upon successfully meeting academic and English language level entry requirements.


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