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A level success despite challenging academic year

Student storiesUniversity preparation 21 August 2020

There is no doubt the 2019-2020 academic year created unparalleled difficulties for students. The process for assessing results is still ongoing but we are pleased to be able to share with you a snapshot of our headline results.

  • 58% achieved an A*/A in a humanities subject
  • Nearly 50% achieved an A*/A in natural sciences
  • 53% achieved A*/A in Maths
  • 40% of students achieved at least one A*

We are also able to share some exceptional student stories, meeting their offers to study at some of the world’s leading universities. Among the offers, CATS students achieved grades to study at some of the world’s top universities, including Russell Group members, Oxford, Cambridge and University College London.

Early student successes

Boasting a flurry of A*s and As, below are some of the amazing universities and degree choices our students have met their offers to.

  • University of Oxford - Chemistry
  • University of Cambridge - Mathematics
  • University College London - Economics
  • Lancaster University - Law
  • St. George's University - Medicine
  • University of Bristol - Palaeontology and Evolution
  • University of Bristol - Aerospace Engineering

A levels are the gold standard qualification for successful entrance to a top UK university. Studying for your A levels in the UK can open innumerable doors for your future success.CATS students come from across the globe to study at our Academies.

Hear from the students themselves why they chose to study A levels at CATS UK.

We are incredibly proud of what our CATS cohort have achieved this year and wish them well as they go on to study around the world and lead the way on their chosen paths. 

If you have further questions regarding A level assessment this year please read our General Statement.

Why study A levels at CATS?

CATS Colleges are located at the centre of academia in the UK, situated in the cities of Cambridge, London and Canterbury, all of which celebrate a long educational tradition. CATS students have access to some of the finest teachers in their fields, helping to ignite and encourage their lifelong thirst for knowledge. We give our international students an environment to flourish, immersing them in a rigorous curriculum alongside a network of young global thinkers, with cutting-edge facilities and bolstered by unrivalled pastoral care from day one. All this helps set CATS students apart amongst rigorous university competition.  

Join the network of future leaders and enrol at CATS today.

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