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5 Benefits of Attending a British Boarding School

Boarding school experience 26 July 2016

With state of the art facilities and highly qualified instructors, British boarding schools are among the most well-respected and prestigious in the world. Graduates of these institutions frequently go on to study at top ranked universities and have successful careers in areas like business, science, and politics.

However, the boarding school experience is about more than just academic success. Modern schools like CATS also work hard to encourage personal growth and development, and a recent survey from The Association of British Boarding Schools revealed that 70% of students believe boarding school has helped them develop self-discipline, maturity, and independence, as well as valuable critical-thinking skills.

Here are just some of the advantages boarding environments enjoy over traditional day schools.

1. British Boarding Schools Offer a Proven Path to Top Universities

Not only do boarding schools commit to delivering the very highest standard of education, they also offer specialised support for students throughout the university application process, helping to ensure they have the best possible chance of securing their first choice degree. As a result, boarding schools often boast high numbers of graduates who go on to attend top universities. CATS, for example, had 80% of its students accepted into Top 30 UK universities in 2014.  

2. Students Learn to Be Independent at Boarding School

Of course, a boarding school education isn’t just about preparing for university inside the classroom. Staying on campus also allows students the chance to learn to live more independently, taking control over their own schedule, managing their chores and their studies, and learning self-discipline. As a result, they develop crucial life skills that leave them more fully prepared for university, and boarding school graduates frequently find it much easier to adjust than those who attended local schools.

Students get a taste of independence at boarding school

3. UK Boarding Schools Have Nurturing Teachers and Support Staff

Students will learn to be self-sufficient while boarding, but they’re not left to fend totally for themselves. Boarders enjoy the support of some of the most dedicated education staff around, with highly qualified teachers to offer their experience and guidance in the classroom, and specially trained support staff to help them outside of class hours.

All CATS locations for example, offer 24/7 family-oriented boarding staff and dedicated student wellbeing teams to ensure boarders always have somewhere to turn when they need it, as well as dedicated admissions counsellors and personal tutors for each student.

4. Boarding School Students Try More Extracurricular Activities

British boarding schools also tend to offer a range of extracurricular activities rarely seen at local schools, with hundreds of clubs and activities, ranging from sports like soccer and basketball to more cultural pursuits like photography clubs and debating societies. Being exposed to this diverse range of options encourages students to try things they never would have before, helping them to develop their range of interests and grow into more well-rounded individuals.

Students get to try a range of extracurricular activities at boarding school

5.  Boarding School Students Form Friendships that Last a Lifetime

While there are many positive aspects to a boarding school education, one thing alumni tend to mention more than anything else is the people they meet. Living in close quarters with like-minded, highly motivated individuals with similar goals and ambitions, students form strong bonds with classmates from different backgrounds all over the world, and establish friendships that last long after they graduate.

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