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4 Ways British Boarding Schools Prepare Students for Business Careers

Course guide 9 May 2017

A career in business is a popular option for many boarding school students. They can choose from a range of challenging roles, work in a variety of interesting sectors, and access exciting opportunities all over the world.

To help aspiring business professionals get off to the best possible start, boarding schools like CATS offer a number of specialised subjects, extracurricular activities, and personalised support options, which allow them to develop their skills and increase their chances of being accepted to business degree programmes at top universities.

Read on to find out how boarding schools help students looking to make their mark in the business world.

1. British Boarding School Curriculums Have a Business Focus

Boarding schools like CATS offer a range of business-related subjects at all levels. These classes allow student to get a basic introduction to key areas and build a solid foundation of knowledge for further study.    

International Baccalaureate students, for instance, can learn how the international financial markets work in Global Economics, while A level students have an even wider range of subject choices, including business, economics, and accounting.

These options are also available to students enrolled in a university preparatory programme, who can put together the most relevant combination of subjects for the degree they wish to study.     

2. British Boarding Schools Help Students Develop Leadership Skills

Leadership skills can be very important for a career in business. Top-level professionals need to be able to overcome difficult challenges, communicate effectively, and inspire confidence in others.

Boarding school can be a great place to learn these skills, with a variety of leadership programmes available for students which help to improve their problem-solving, teamwork, and communication abilities. 

CATS Cambridge, for instance, offers the ‘Learn to Lead’ programme, which encourages students to work together to identify and implement positive changes at their school. Meanwhile, students at Canterbury can work towards the CATS Canterbury Leadership Award, which aims to develop transferable personal and professional skills. Successful participants can earn a CATS College medal and up to 70 extra UCAS points!

Students work together to solve problems on campus in CATS leadership programmes

3. Aspiring Business Students Enjoy a Range of Extracurricular Activities

Enterprising boarding school students also get plenty of other opportunities to develop their business skills outside of the classroom. Each CATS campus offers a range of afterschool activities with a business focus, such as Young Enterprise clubs, where students get the experience of creating their very own company.

4. International Boarding School Students Get Personalised Career Support

British boarding schools also offer additional personalised support for individual students looking to plan their careers. Dedicated higher education advisors are always available to help students research university programmes, and provide preparation for applications, personal statements, and interviews.

International boarding school students can also benefit from CATS key professions support, which offers them various opportunities to gain experience in their chosen field. This can include arranging work experience placements at companies, meetings with top executives, and even interviews with professional companies.  This valuable support ensures that students are not only fully prepared to study business at university level, but have the tools to build a successful business career once they graduate.

CATS advisors can help students further their business ambitions

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