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3 Ways International Boarding Schools Help Students Feel At Home

Boarding school experience 10 August 2016

An excellent education from a top university can make a world of difference in expanding a student's future opportunities. Achieving acceptance to these prestigious institutions is no small challenge, which is one reason why more and more students choose international boarding schools like CATS, based in four of the most exciting academic cities in the world.                                    

These schools welcome students from across the globe and prepare them for academic success through a rigorous program focused on personal development that goes beyond academic training. Students join a global community of peers in a safe and supportive learning environment that features state-of-the-art facilities, a wide range of engaging extracurricular and social activities, and personalised support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here's how international boarding schools like CATS help students feel at home.    

Our international boarding school students receive personalised support

Students at a CATS international boarding school in England or the USA receive compassionate personalised support throughout their entire school experience. Parents are grateful for the special care devoted to each and every student that ensures their physical, social and emotional needs are met and they are well prepared to advance to their desired post-secondary programme.

CATS students receive personalised support and engaging education

We work with students at different levels of proficiency that have widely diverse backgrounds, talents and goals. Our academic English courses ensure that students have the requisite communication abilities to succeed in top British or American universities. Each school has a dedicated team to take care of student wellbeing, including tutors, house parents, activities and accommodation managers, a welfare team, nurses, student services and language liaison officers. On-site medical provision, counselling and health education services demonstrate our commitment to health and wellness.

Superior facilities at our international boarding school in England

Over 90% of our students board with us at our new or upgraded boarding residences on campus or easily accessible by walking or public transport. While most residences have kitchens, students are also provided with three meals per day with a wide variety of healthy and wholesome international foods. We make every effort to accommodate dietary requirements and religious observances.

The new CATS in Cambridge is designed to make students feel at home since day one

Students can relax in the communal lounges and have access to high-speed internet and laundry facilities. Everything needed to succeed academically is at your fingertips to support learning, from iPads to well-stocked libraries, interactive whiteboards, photographic studios and state-of-the-art science laboratories.

Social activities provide a welcoming environment at our international boarding school

Nothing makes students feel more at home than being part of a supportive community of friends, and the extensive extracurricular activities and social excursions offered by our international boarding school encourage just that. Our dedicated Activities Manager coordinates numerous college clubs—including robotics, debate and photography—and evening athletic opportunities as well as social events like film, dance or cooking nights.

With so much going on, it's easy for students to get involved and make a global network of friends. It's an opportunity to discover new talents, broaden interests, develop communication and leadership skills, and enhance qualifications for university. In no time, students will adapt to their new surroundings and be positioned for success. 

Seeking an international boarding school in UK that will prepare your child for studying at world-class universities?

Contact CATS for more information on getting started.

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