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3 advantages of a university foundation programme

Course guide 6 September 2016

The British university system is internationally admired for delivering education of the highest standard possible and preparing its graduates for rewarding, successful careers in a variety of fields. Unfortunately, however, this often means that the English language skills required by top British institutions are extremely advanced, and many international students have difficulty gaining acceptance at the university of their choice.

For these students, university foundation programmes offer a perfect solution. Combining immersive English language education with specialised academic study, a foundation course provides international students with all the tools they need, not only to meet admissions requirements, but to excel in their university studies.

With courses available in Cambridge, Canterbury, and London, CATS is one the leading providers of university foundation education in the UK. Read on to find out more about how these programmes can help you take the first step towards your chosen degree.

1. Students in university foundation programmes learn both academic and language skills

While many ESL courses provide excellent English language training, they are not always ideal for students wishing to pursue a university education. Since British degree programmes often deal with very advanced academic subjects, the language involved can be very complex, and even international students with years of English education can struggle.

 A university foundation programme, however, is specifically designed with university study in mind. As a result, students are taught specialised academic language skills. They also study additional academic subjects, choosing from a variety of different science, business, and humanities courses. This unique approach helps students learn to apply their language skills to their chosen area of study, while also improving their academic knowledge in specific areas.

2. University preparatory programmes prepare students for campus life

In addition to preparing them to meet the academic challenges of university, foundation programmes also help international students prepare for life at a British university. Moving to a new country with a different language and culture can be a big adjustment, and a university preparatory programme can provide a welcoming, supportive environment to help students make the transition.

Foundation programmes also allow students to get firsthand experience of what life at a British university is like. For instance, CATS students can opt to stay in single ensuite dorm rooms, similar to those found at most British universities. The school’s three UK campuses are also located in areas with large student populations, and close to a number of top universities.

As a result, a one year foundation programme can help international students get a much better idea of the realities of studying at a UK university, allowing them to adapt more easily once they begin their degree.   

3.  Students in university foundation programmes are guided through the university application process

CATS has dedicated higher education advisors and personal tutors who provide personalised guidance to each student at every stage of the university application process, ensuring they have the best possible chance of being accepted at their first choice university.

International students can also participate in mock interviews, personal statement preparation workshops, and a range of other university application support services. CATS also arranges campus visits from over 160 top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, as well as sessions with top university admissions counsellors.

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